Icon star as the grand marshal of India

Icon sir Allu Arjun got a rare honour. On the occasion of India’s Independence Day, the ‘India Day Parade New York 2022’ held in America was represented by icon star Allu Arjun from India as the grand marshal this year. Allu Arjun attended this event along with his wife Sneha. 5 lakh people participated in this event, and they expressed their patriotism towards India and their admiration for Allu Arjun.

It is described as the highest number of expatriate Indians coming to the parade, which was not done till date. This is the first time that 5 lakh people will come out for an event in 2022. Allu Arjun walked the streets of New York, waving the Indian national flag for three days.

Huge crowds gathered to see him in the streets of New York. They held placards saying Jai Hind. Allu Arjun greeted everyone with love and greeted the fans. Later, New York Mayor Eric Adams honoured Allu Arjun. After meeting for a while.. both of them did a signature moment together.


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