“I am getting paid for my hard work.”: Vikrant Massey denies paying the cab driver

“I am getting paid for my hard work.”: Vikrant Massey denies paying the cab driver

Actor Vikranth Massey found himself embroiled in controversy recently after a disagreement with a cab driver over fare charges escalated into a heated exchange. The incident, which occurred during a cab ride, quickly garnered attention after the cab driver shared a video of the altercation online.

According to reports, Massey, upon reaching his destination, refused to pay more than the fare displayed on the cab app. The driver, attributing the discrepancy to a technical glitch, insisted that Massey cover the additional amount. However, Massey stood his ground, asserting that he would only pay the amount originally shown.

In the recorded conversation, the cab driver can be heard expressing frustration, questioning why Massey, as a celebrity, couldn’t afford to pay a little extra. Massey retorted, stating that he earns his income through hard work and shouldn’t be expected to compensate for the app’s error.

The video quickly circulated on social media platforms, sparking debates among netizens. While some sided with Massey, commending him for standing up for his principles, others criticized his perceived lack of empathy towards the cab driver’s situation.

Interestingly, speculation arose regarding the authenticity of the video, with some suggesting it could be a promotional stunt. Neither Massey nor the cab driver mentioned the specific cab-hailing application involved, leading to further speculation about the video’s true intent.

As the controversy continued to unfold online, Vikrant Massey remained relatively silent on the matter, choosing not to address the incident publicly. However, the incident served as a reminder of the challenges faced by both passengers and drivers in the digital age, where reliance on technology can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and disputes.

Regardless of the video’s origins, the incident highlighted broader issues surrounding fairness and accountability within the ride-hailing industry. As discussions ensued online, it prompted reflection on the responsibilities of both passengers and service providers in ensuring transparent and equitable transactions.


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