Hrudaya Kaleyam to Singham 123 5 times Sampoornesh Babu proved he is the burning star

Hrudaya Kaleyam to Singham 123, 5 times Sampoornesh Babu proved he is the burning star

Sampoornesh Babu, affectionately known as “Burning Star,” has become a cult figure in Telugu cinema with his unique style and performances.

 Here are five of his most notable movies:

  1. “Hrudaya Kaleyam”: This comedy entertainer catapulted Sampoornesh Babu to fame. He plays the role of Sampoornesh, a passionate young man who aims to become a film star. His journey is filled with hilarious encounters and unexpected twists, making it a laugh riot for audiences.
  2. “Kobbari Matta”: In this parody film, Sampoornesh Babu portrays three generations of a family with the same name, Pedarayudu. The film takes a humorous dig at Telugu cinema clichés and societal stereotypes, with Sampoornesh’s comic timing stealing the show.
  3. “Singam 123”: Sampoornesh Babu shines as Singam, a small-town cop with big dreams of eliminating crime. However, his over-the-top antics and unconventional methods often land him in trouble. The film blends action and comedy seamlessly, showcasing Sampoornesh’s versatility as an actor.
  4. “Burning Star”: This self-referential comedy revolves around Sampoornesh Babu’s persona as the “Burning Star” of Telugu cinema. The movie explores the challenges and absurdities faced by Sampoornesh in his quest for stardom, while also serving as a tribute to his dedicated fanbase.
  5. “Singham 123”: A spoof of the popular “Singham” franchise, this film features Sampoornesh Babu as a fearless police officer named Singham. With his exaggerated action sequences and eccentric dialogue delivery, Sampoornesh adds a unique flavor to the typical cop drama genre.

Each of these films showcases Sampoornesh Babu’s knack for comedy and his ability to entertain audiences with his distinct style. Whether he’s parodying mainstream tropes or creating his brand of humor, Sampoornesh’s movies guarantee a fun-filled ride for viewers.


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