Hrithik Roshan Criticizes Apple’s Recent Advertisement

Actor Hrithik Roshan recently took to his Instagram stories to express his disapproval of tech giant Apple’s latest advertisement, joining a chorus of criticism from several other celebrities. Hrithik’s stance reflects a growing sentiment among public figures, including British actor Hugh Grant, filmmaker Asif Kapadia, and others, who have raised concerns about the ad’s tone-deafness and its impact on the human experience.

Voicing Strong Disapproval

In his Instagram story, Hrithik Roshan condemned Apple’s advertisement, describing it as “sad and ignorant.” His words underscore a firm stance against the ad’s content and its implications. Similarly, British actor Hugh Grant expressed dismay, labeling the ad as “the destruction of the human experience” attributed to Silicon Valley’s influence.

Criticism from Celebrities

Filmmaker Asif Kapadia also criticized the ad, questioning its premise and impact on the arts and creativity. He emphasized how the ad serves as a metaphor for tech companies’ exploitation of artists and creators, highlighting their tendency to extract value without adequate compensation. The collective criticism from celebrities sheds light on broader concerns surrounding the role of technology in contemporary society.

The Controversial Advertisement: Crush

Apple’s advertisement, titled “Crush,” debuted at the Let Loose event on May 7, showcasing a towering hydraulic press crushing various items, including musical instruments, paint cans, gaming consoles, and sculptures. While Apple aimed to demonstrate the versatility of its latest iPad Pro, critics interpreted the visuals differently, perceiving them as symbolic of technology’s stifling effect on creativity and expression.

Misinterpretation of Intent

Despite Apple CEO Tim Cook’s intention to highlight the iPad Pro’s creative potential, the ad’s imagery sparked controversy and backlash. Cook’s statement on social media about the device’s creative capabilities did little to mitigate concerns raised by critics like Hrithik Roshan and others. The disconnect between Apple’s messaging and public perception underscores the importance of thoughtful and culturally sensitive advertising strategies.

Hrithik Roshan’s Upcoming Projects

Amidst the controversy, Hrithik Roshan remains focused on his upcoming projects, including “War 2,” the highly anticipated sequel directed by Ayan Mukerji as part of the YRF spy universe. Additionally, he is set to star opposite Telugu superstar Jr NTR in “War 2,” showcasing his versatility and star power. As he prepares to reprise his iconic role in “Krrish 4,” Hrithik continues to captivate audiences with his talent and dedication to his craft.


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