How Is Kiran Abbavaram Getting Chances?

In today’s film industry, if you a hero needs to get offers continuously, he should either be rich enough or should have enough backup or he should be in success. But, young hero Kiran Abbavaram is defying this logic. Even after not-so-great results from his previous movies, he is still getting a lot of offers. This is currently the talk of Tollywood. How is he able to bag so many offers while other heroes are struggling to find projects? Inside talk of the Telugu film industry seems to gave answered this question.

Producers do find comfort in heroes who do not ask for huge remunerations or advances. Kiran seems to have got them in this aspect. He is neither asking for advance nor demanding huge remunerations. His aim is to make movies. Many more of them. This is what makes even many prestigious production houses do films with him. They say that he is assuring the producers about the budget of the movie and completing it according to the said package. For example, Sammathame movie was made in just Rs 3.5 Crores. It got a total of 14.5 Crores business which is a heavy profit for the producers. The movie collected Rs 8 Crores in theatre, Rs 4.5 Crores for AHA OTT, and Rs 2 Crores for Satellite, music and Hindi dubbing rights combined. This kind of profit obviously tends to attract the producers.

It’s being said that Kiran is even overseeing the complete project so that it will not be over the pre-decided budget. Overall, it must be said that Kiran is both clever and hardworking as he is slowly gaining his foot in the film industry. Currently, he is busy with a handful of projects. Kodi Ramkrishna’s daughter Kodi Deepthi is making a movie called ‘Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavadini’ which is touted to be released in September. Other movies like Rules Ranjan, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnukatha and Meter are already lined up. If everything goes well, the actor is planning a pan-Indian film next year.


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