Here’s how Rashmika reacted to a recent rumors

There are always rumors about star heroines, and their reactions will sometimes be very different. Recently, there has been news about the heroine Rashmika, who recently bagged a chance in the Nithin and Venky Kudumula film along with ‘Pushpa’ in Telugu. However, though she participated in the shooting of this Nithin movie, there was news that she had walked out of it.

There are two reasons for this. One of them is that Rashmika is said to have left the film due to dates, and another reason is that Rashmika is leaving the project due to a quarrel with her old manager.

Recently, Rashmika gave a reaction on Twitter with her mouth closed and smiling. Along with that photo, she said, “Just my reaction to a lot of things in general “. This looks like Rashmika’s reaction to the news that she has walked out of Nithin’s film. However, Rashmika is always in the news and is regularly heard in the media.

The relationship with Vijay Devarkonda and the quarrel with the manager has been in the news many times. Now it is trending again with the inside news of Nitin-Venky Kudumula’s exit from the film. This is Rashmika’s third film under the direction of Venky Kudumula. Rashmika made her debut in Telugu with her first film Chaloo, directed by Venky. These two later got another super hit with Bheeshma. The news that Rashmika has left the film is now surprising fans.

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