HBD Adivi Sesh: Lesser Known facts about this talented actor

Adivi Sesh is one of the most talented Actors in the Film Industry. This actor has created a unique image for himself in the Industry with his hardwork, and consistency. Sesh is well known for his unique story picks that are challenging and experimental at the same time. His films are always unique and they provoke a whole new thought process to everyone.

This actor got a great recognition with his film ‘Major’, written by himself with extreme care and respect towards the legendary captain of our Indian Army. This film is not only a sensational blockbuster but also a great tribute to the real hero who saved many lives sacrificing his. Another sensation written by him is Goodachari and the sequel of Goodachari, G2 is now all set to hit the screens soon.

Here are a few lesser known facts about the talented self made actor Adivi Sesh,

This actor was born in India and brought up in US as his parents moved to US when he was very young and he did complete all his studies over there and came back to India.

He is known as Adivi Sesh but the real birth name of this actor is actually Adivi sesh sunny chandra which he shortened as Adivi sesh when he decided to enter the Film Industry.

Adivi Sesh is a family man, he is very close to his parents and also relatives. He spent all the lockdown with his parents and he became very close to them. His manners in any public appearances and off the screen is the proof that he is well raised and well aware about family, relations and respect.

Other than Acting, Sesh is also fond of writing and editing. This atcor is not just limited himself to acting but also extended his interests to writng and editing. His films which he wrote are the proofs of his exceptional writing skills and his interest for arts.

Sesh is a major environmentalist who advocates for a single-use plastic-free life. Sesh is also a great individual off screen too. Adivi sesh is one of those best self made actors and he is going to make it to many heights and is surely going to achieve everything he wished for.

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