GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians of 2024: A Celebration of Rising Stars

The world is witnessing a dynamic shift, and India’s youth are at the forefront of this transformation. GQ India, known for its discerning taste and trendsetting content, recently unveiled its annual list of the Most Influential Young Indians. These trailblazers shape culture, break barriers, and leave an indelible mark on society. Let’s dive into the profiles of some of these remarkable individuals. GQ’s Most Influential Indians of 2024: A Celebration of Rising Stars.

GQ’s Most Influential  Indians of 2024:

1. Nayanthara:

Nayanthara, the reigning queen of South Indian cinema, has captivated audiences with her powerful performances. From intense dramas to high-octane action films, Nayanthara’s versatility knows no bounds. Her influence extends beyond the silver screen, as she champions women’s empowerment and mental health awareness. With her magnetic presence, Nayanthara is a force to be reckoned with.

2. Sanya Malhotra:

Sanya Malhotra, the embodiment of grace and talent, has wowed us with her dance moves and acting chops. From “Dangal” to “Ludo,” she seamlessly transitions between diverse roles. Sanya’s infectious energy and commitment to her craft make her a true inspiration for aspiring artists. Her red carpet appearances are equally mesmerizing, as she effortlessly blends elegance with contemporary style.

3. Mannara Chopra:

Mannara Chopra, not just a pretty face, but a savvy businesswoman, has disrupted the fashion industry. Her sustainable clothing brand has garnered attention for its ethical practices and chic designs. Mannara’s commitment to eco-conscious fashion sets an example for her peers. She proves that style and substance can coexist harmoniously.

4. Bhumi Pednekar:

Bhumi Pednekar, known for her impactful roles and social activism, is a fierce advocate for environmental causes. Her “Climate Warrior” initiative educates and mobilizes youth to combat climate change. Bhumi’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond hashtags; she actively participates in tree-planting drives and beach cleanups. Her influence transcends cinema, making her a true role model.

5. Palak Tiwari:

Palak Tiwari, daughter of the legendary Shweta Tiwari, is carving her own path in the entertainment industry. With her debut film garnering critical acclaim, Palak’s talent and poise are undeniable. She balances her acting career with studies, proving that ambition and education go hand in hand. Keep an eye on this young luminary; she’s destined for greatness.


GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians of 2024 embody resilience, creativity, and fearlessness. They redefine success, challenge norms, and inspire millions. As we celebrate their achievements, let’s recognize that the future belongs to these visionaries. They remind us that youth isn’t just a phase—it’s a powerful force for change.


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