Gets trolled unnecessarily!

Shraddha Das is one of the popular actors in Telugu. She is set to make her debut soon in Tamil. Meanwhile, she was also trolled by Vijay Deverakonda’s fans recently. Shraddha Das came in between the issue of Anasuya Bharadwaj and Vijay Deverakonda’s fans. Unfortunately, the fans also trolled Shraddha Das.

Shraddha Das appreciated Anasuya Bharadwaj and then the fans did not like it.

Shraddha tweeted, “Guys, you will waste your time and energy abusing me, I only block and delete. So pointless. It’s senseless for you to troll me for complimenting Anasuya Bharadwaj on her looks! Get well soon!”

Earlier, Shraddha tweeted, “You look younger than most women, even half your age, stunning, I would say! And hotter than most uncles double your age. Fan of you.”

Unnecessarily, Shraddha Das has come into the issue for which the fans trolled her.


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