Finally, the SSR-Mahesh scripts are to be Locked!

Not just the fans but all Indian movie lovers’ are excited to see SS Rajamouli’s next with Mahesh Babu. With the roaring success of RRR, the expectations of SSR’s movies are pre-dominant. Various rumors have been running around the movie circle ever since the project was announced. As per the latest speculations, SSR and the team locked two scripts for Mahesh.

Evidently, Jakkanna has planned two kinds of genres for the Superstar. One is the most anticipated one in which, if finalized, Mahesh will be seen as a secret agent and spy. Even SSMB fans have waited long for that kind of movie for so many years. Murugadoss’s Spyder was thought to be a spy movie, but in the end, the film bombed the box office because of false expectations. More than that, Pokiri came close to the expectations, although the protagonist is a secret agent of the police force rather than some intelligence organization. So, SSR wanted to fulfill that void and prepared a full-length stylish spy role as James Bond. The second script is related to a treasure hunt with a few mythical connections similar to Indiana Jones.

Once Mahesh returns from vacation, the actor and director will mutually decide on the final script. After that, the movie team will start scouting for the locations.


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