Film Fare withdraws Kangana’s nomination

Kangana Ranaut is not only the talented actress in the country but is also the most controversial actress in Bollywood. When Filmfare nominated her for the Best Actress category for the film Thalaivii, she raised an objection and passed a statement that she would sue the organizers. After her comments went viral, Filmfare has come up with a statement that they are withdrawing the nomination.

“I’ve banned unethical, corrupt and totally unfair practices like @filmfare since 2014, but since I have been getting many calls from them for attending their award function this year as they want to give me award for Thalaivii. I am shocked to know that they are still nominating me. It is beneath my dignity, work ethics and value system to encourage such corrupt practices in any way, that is why I have decided to sue @filmfare” Kangana wrote on social media.

Filmfare responded to the same and said, “It pains us at Filmfare, today, to be subjected to unwarranted malicious remarks by Ms. Kangana Ranaut. For six decades, Filmfare Awards, and Filmfare, at large, has been a platform that celebrates and honours talent in the Film industry impartially and with utmost transparency. Given the irresponsible remarks made by Ms. Ranaut about Filmfare Awards, we are withdrawing her Best Actress nomination for the movie Thalaivii.”


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