Fans Tensed About Salaar!

Among all the Tollywood heroes, probably Prabhas has the fans who are made to wait so much. It started from Baahubali. Just like Baahubali, Saaho, and Radheshyam have taken too long to quench the thirst of rebel fans. Now, once again they are made to wait so long for his movie updates. Even though Prabhas is doing plenty of movies parallelly, not even one exciting update is released by the makers. As the fans have been putting continuous pressure, finally Salaar update is out recently mentioning the movie release date and the look of Rebel Star in a rather dashing and action avatar. But, two things make the fans very concerned about the film.

The first one is the release date. The makers have announced that the film will be released on September 28th of next year. This is the same date on which Prabhas’s career’s worst disaster Rebel movie was released. In an industry where sentiments rule the happenings, the gutsy decision of Salaar makers should be lauded. But the fans are not at all happy with this decision and are wishing that the makers should prepone or postpone the date rather than this particular day. The second concern is that it will be more than a year for the fans to witness Salaar on silver screens. It is hyped up to be the best movie in the current films of Prabhas. As a result, rebel fans are getting impatient that they are being made to wait for a whole year and considering the PR teams of Prabhas, there won’t be updates too, say the fans. They are demanding that a regular update of the film should be released at least once in two months. Well, just like the dialogue in Saaho, Prabhas doesn’t have just fans. They all are hardcore fans.


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