Fans Request To Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja is facing tough times bagging back to back flops. Except Krack, no other film of Ravi Teja gained good hit at box-office in recent times. Infact, his last release Khiladi and recent release Rama Rao On Duty stood as disasters in his career.

The expectations on Rama Rao on Duty were high during its release as the Director Sarath Mandhava made some confident comments on the film during its pre-release event. With his words, the anticipation and expectations of the film skyrocketed. But all the Power that got portrayed in his speech was not portrayed in the film.

With a very dull story, the director completely let down the audience with predictable storytelling. With this, the heartbroken Ravi Teja fans have been berating Sarath Mandava on social media by flinging nasty comments at him since the movie’s release.

To overcome this, the director, who had shown unwavering confidence before the film release, has suddenly gone missing on Twitter. Though he hasn’t deleted it, he locked his Twitter account in an effort to protect himself from the nasty trolling for his catastrophic failure.

On the other hand, Ravi Teja’s fans also wrote an open letter to their hero, addressing their disappointment. One of Ravi’s fans wrote “You simply go on signing movies, without even learning from the mistakes of the previous flops. Being your fan is hurting us like never before”.

With such statements from fans, we have to wait and see at least now Ravi Teja changes his style in selecting outdated scripts.


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