Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is re releasing on ?

On June 29, the popular Telugu film “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi” is all set to make a grand comeback, marking five years since its initial release. This delightful announcement has brought immense joy to fans and cinephiles alike.

The film, which was directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam, takes us on a fun trip through the lives of four driven friends who want to make it big in the film industry. When it was first released in 2018, “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi” won over audiences with its likeable characters, clever dialogue, and comforting plot.

The choice to rerelease the movie is evidence of both its ongoing appeal and the unique place it has in the hearts of its devotees. The joy and fun that the movie gives can now be enjoyed by a whole new generation of moviegoers.

So, mark your calendars for June 29 and get ready to relish the delightful nostalgia as “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi” returns to the silver screen, reminding us all of the magic of cinema and the enduring power of friendship.

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