Dune: Prophecy; Tabu to return Hollywood

The highly anticipated trailer for the web series Dune: Prophecy was released on Wednesday, stirring excitement among fans of the Dune universe. Drawing inspiration from Frank Herbert’s expansive lore, particularly Sisterhood of Dune, the HBO series explores the origin story of the Bene Gesserit. With Emily Watson portraying Valya Harkonnen, fans eagerly dissected the teaser for clues, especially searching for appearances by Tabu.

Exploring the Bene Gesserit’s Origins

Dune: Prophecy delves deep into the origins of the Bene Gesserit, a powerful and mysterious sect within the Dune universe. The official series description reveals, “10,000 years before the ascension of Paul Atreides, Dune: Prophecy follows two Harkonnen sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind and establish the fabled sect that will become known as the Bene Gesserit.” The teaser highlights the early days of the Bene Gesserit, showcasing their growing influence within the Imperium, led by Valya Harkonnen.

Fans Search for Tabu in the Teaser

Despite the 1-minute-34-seconds teaser showcasing various characters, fans were particularly eager to spot Tabu. One fan expressed on X (formerly Twitter), “But no Tabu. Gonna assume her role is either very important that they don’t want to show or it’s a small role.” The excitement for anything related to the Dune franchise remains high, with or without clear glimpses of Tabu.

Mixed Reactions to the Teaser’s Style

Reactions to the teaser’s style were mixed, with some fans missing the distinct visual style synonymous with Denis Villeneuve’s Dune films. One fan noted, “do not get the Dune Vibes. Maybe because the distinct Dennis Style has become synonymous with Dune. Still hopeful tho. Excited for Tabu.” Others were convinced they had spotted Tabu, sharing screengrabs of a veiled character and another of a bare back.

Star-Studded Cast Promises Exciting Performances

Dune: Prophecy boasts a star-studded cast including Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Travis Fimmel, Johdi May, Mark Strong, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Josh Heuston, Chloe Lea, Jade Anouka, Faoileann Cunningham, Edward Davis, Aoife Hinds, Chris Mason, and Shalom Brune-Franklin. Variety confirmed that Tabu and Jihae will also appear in the series. Initially titled Dune: The Sisterhood, the series underwent multiple showrunner changes and a creative reset in 2023.

Anticipation Builds for Dune: Prophecy

With its rich backstory and compelling characters, Dune: Prophecy is poised to captivate audiences when it premieres. Fans are eagerly awaiting further trailers and promotional material to learn more about the roles of their favorite actors, especially Tabu. The series promises to be a thrilling addition to the Dune saga, exploring the deep and intricate history of the Bene Gesserit.


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