Drake, J. Cole’s Music Post-Kendrick Beef Disappoints

Kendrick Lamar has once again proven his dominance in the hip-hop world, earning the moniker ‘Boogeyman’ from fans. Following a heated diss-verse battle with fellow top-tier rappers Drake and J. Cole, Kendrick appears to have emerged unscathed and on top. His rivals, on the other hand, have faced criticism for their latest musical endeavors, which have failed to resonate with their fanbase.

J. Cole’s Unexpected Collaboration

A week ago, J. Cole surprised fans by teaming up with Cash Cobain on the track ‘Grippy.’ This move came after Cole exited the ongoing feud that ignited when Kendrick delivered a fiery verse on Future’s ‘Like That.’ Although Cole had previously fired shots at Kendrick on ‘7 Minute Drill,’ he later deleted the track, signaling his desire to step away from the conflict. However, ‘Grippy’ did not receive the warm reception Cole might have hoped for, with fans expressing their disappointment online.

Drake, who continued to exchange blows with Kendrick throughout the feud, also faced backlash for his latest release. Partnering with new Toronto artist Snowd4y, Drake dropped ‘Wah Gwan Delilah,’ a parody of Plain White T’s 2005 hit. Much like Cole’s ‘Grippy,’ Drake’s track failed to impress fans. Despite his diss tracks like ‘Push Ups’ and ‘Family Matters’ maintaining attention during the feud, this new release has left fans unimpressed and questioning his musical direction.

Fans React Online

Fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions on the recent tracks from Drake and J. Cole. Comments on platforms like Twitter have highlighted the disappointment, with many dubbing Kendrick Lamar as the ‘Boogeyman’ who has mentally dominated his rivals. Tweets like, “Leave Compton alone!” and “The catastrophic fall off caused by Kendrick ‘The Boogeyman’ Lamar needs to be studied,” reflect the general sentiment. Fans believe that the mental toll of the feud has impacted Drake and Cole’s latest releases.

The hip-hop community remains on edge, anticipating the next chapter in this ongoing saga. With Drake recently deleting his Instagram post of the Kendrick Lamar diss track ‘The Heart Part 6,’ speculation has intensified. Fans interpret this move as an acknowledgment of defeat, with comments like, “He pretty much confirmed that he lost,” and “Finally realized he got cooked,” flooding social media.


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