Doubts on Netflix’s ‘Jaadugar’ result!

OTT sensation Jitendra Kumar of Panchayat and Kota Factory fame is now also to come up with his next project ‘Jaadugar’. Touted to be a sports comedy-drama, the movie is all set to stream on digital giant Netflix from July 15th.
The film has been grabbing the attention of the OTT audience lately. But the only reason which is why the film might not work well is the runtime and it is definitely one of the important parameters.
According to the Netflix page, the run time of the film is 2 hours 47 minutes which is longer than most of the recent super hit films in the same genre. Most of the comedy-drama movies that got released recently like Bhool Bhulaiya 2, Badhai Do, and Sharmaji Namkeen have run times of 2 hours 21 minutes, 2 hours 27 minutes, and 1 hour 59 minutes respectively.
So, some are claiming that the run time of Jaadugar might become a minus point for the film. We have to wait and see if the film can engage the audience for 2 hours 47 minutes or not. Sameer Saxena wielded the megaphone for this project.


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