DJ Tillu Actress Going Viral On Instagram…

Young heroine Neha Shetty recently appeared in a stunning look and feasted the eyes. Young and glamorous heroine Neha Shetty got a super craze with the Out and Out comedy film DJ Tillu. As the movie became a super hit, the following among the youth increased. But to get more craze, this cutie is also making a fuss on social media. She is making a fuss with the glamor show.

She is mesmerizing with back to back photoshoots. She recently posted another stunning black and white photoshoot in the black sleeveless that is going viral around the internet. Her fans are going crazy with her photos and showing their love with comments under the post.

Neha Shetty was last seen as Radhika with DJ Tillu starring Siddu Jonnalagadda, and she is preparing to entertain with another film. Neha acted in Bedurulanka 2012 opposite young hero Karthikeya. Glimpses from the film have also been released recently. It will come before the audience soon.

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