DJ Tillu 2 Director Leaves The Project !!

In 2022 releases, DJ Tillu is one of the Tollywood films that bagged block buster hit. Infact, if the profits of the film were considered, many have opinionated that it stands in top 1 place in 2022 films.

After scoring such a huge hint, DJ Tillu team has all set for its sequel a few days back. Even the climax of DJ Tillu left us a hint that there is going to be a sequel for the film. Confirming the same, the movie team announced that the film’s shooting will commence from August.

It is also said that Vimal Krishna who had directed DJ Tillu will helm the sequel as well.

But the latest buzz is that the creative differences between Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Vimal Krishna made Vimal Krishna leave the project.

As per the inside sources, Siddhu is taking care of all the aspects of the film including the story writing. It is said that Siddhu has been involved in the direction also and suggested a lot of changes. Upset with this Vimala Krishna is said to have left the project.

So as per the reports, Siddhu himself may direct this film. However there is still no official confirmation on the same.


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