Dil Raju’s Influence Made Sukumar Get Addicted?

The 20th-anniversary celebration of the iconic film “Arya” in Hyderabad was not just a commemoration of a milestone but a reflection on the evolving trends in Telugu cinema. Among the revelations and anecdotes shared during the event, one particular narrative stood out — the journey of item songs in the films of acclaimed creative director Sukumar. Sukumar, known for his unconventional storytelling and artistic vision, opened up about his initial reluctance, eventual acceptance, and creative approach towards incorporating item numbers into his films.

The Genesis of “Aa Ante Amalapuram”

Sukumar’s candid revelation about the item song “Aa Ante Amalapuram” from the film “Arya” shed light on the dynamics between artistic integrity and commercial demands in the film industry. Despite his disinterest in including an item song, producer Dil Raju’s insistence led to the creation of the now-iconic track. Sukumar recalled his reservations about certain lyrics and the absence of a mainstream actress due to budget constraints. However, actress Abhinayasri’s captivating performance breathed life into the song, showcasing Sukumar’s ability to infuse creativity even in reluctant endeavors.

Sukumar – Evolutionary Turn

What began as a reluctant compromise for commercial viability gradually evolved into a creative pursuit for Sukumar. His subsequent films witnessed the strategic incorporation of item songs, albeit with his signature touch of innovation and storytelling. From the pulsating beats of “Ringa Ringa” in “100% Love” to the suave elegance of “London Babu” in “1-Nenokkadine” and the rustic charm of “Oo Antava” in “Pushpa,” Sukumar’s item numbers transcended the conventional boundaries, becoming integral parts of his narratives.

The Paradox of Art and Commerce

Sukumar’s revelation sparks a deeper conversation about the delicate balance between artistic expression and commercial success in cinema. Despite his initial aversion, Sukumar found himself drawn to the allure of item songs for their potential to enhance the commercial prospects of his films. This paradoxical journey reflects the multifaceted nature of filmmaking, where creators navigate between personal aesthetics and market demands.

Creative Ingenuity Amidst Commercial Imperatives

What sets Sukumar apart is his ability to merge commercial imperatives with creative ingenuity seamlessly. Each item number in his films is not merely a gratuitous addition but a narrative tool that complements the story line and enhances the cinematic experience. Whether it’s the exuberant celebration of love or the portrayal of characters’ psyche, Sukumar infuses depth and relevance into his item songs, transcending their conventional purpose.

Sukumar Impact on Telugu Cinema

Sukumar’s approach towards item songs reflects a broader trend in Telugu cinema, where filmmakers are redefining traditional tropes to cater to evolving audience sensibilities. Item numbers, once relegated to the realm of commercial gimmicks, are now integral components of narrative storytelling. Sukumar‘s success in this realm paves the way for a more nuanced understanding of item songs as creative tools rather than mere commercial necessities.


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