Dil Raju’s clever plan for F3

Dil Raju is a proper business-minded producer. He often makes brilliant decisions that tend to help the box office run of his films big time.

Raju has now staged a clever plan for F3. He has decided not to go for early premieres for the film in the USA.

If early USA premieres are in place, the verdict of the film will be out much earlier than anticipated, and any miscalculations can dent the film’s box office performance in the domestic market.

So, Raju has decided not to go for early premieres for F3 in the USA. The shows will commence later, so there will be no scope for early reviews.

F3 is the first Telugu comedy entertainer to release in theatres after the third wave, and the stakes are high on the film. The theatrical rights are valued at a whopping Rs 80 crores, the highest ever tally for a comedy entertainer.


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