Dia Mirza Opens Up About Relationship with Stepdaughter


Dia Mirza, the renowned actor and environmentalist, has been candid about her relationship with her stepdaughter, Samaira Rekhi. In a recent interview with News18, Dia shared insights into their dynamic, shedding light on their unique bond and the dynamics within her blended family.

Family Dynamics:

Following her marriage to businessman Vaibhav Rekhi in 2021, Dia Mirza embraced her role as a stepmother to Samaira, Vaibhav’s daughter from his previous marriage to Sunaina. Despite the conventional expectations associated with stepmotherhood, Dia revealed that she shares an affectionate relationship with Samaira, devoid of formal titles like “maa” or “mother.”

No Expectations, Pure Affection:

In her interview, Dia Mirza expressed that she harbors no expectations from Samaira to address her as “maa.” Instead, Samaira calls her by her name, Dia, a testament to the organic nature of their relationship. Dia emphasized that Samaira already has a mother whom she adores, and she respects their bond while nurturing her own connection with Samaira.

Heartwarming Gestures:

Dia’s openness about her relationship with Samaira extends to her interactions with her son, Avyaan. She shared a lighthearted anecdote about Avyaan occasionally calling her “Dia mom,” mimicking Samaira’s endearing use of her name. This playful dynamic underscores the warmth and acceptance within their blended family unit.

Celebrating Motherhood:

Despite not sharing a biological bond with Samaira, Dia Mirza wholeheartedly embraces her role as a mother figure in Samaira’s life. On occasions like Mother’s Day, Dia celebrates their bond by sharing heartfelt messages and photos on social media, expressing gratitude for the privilege of being Samaira and Avyaan’s mother.

Personal Moments Shared:

Dia’s Instagram posts offer glimpses into the cherished moments she shares with Samaira and Avyaan. From birthday celebrations to cozy naps in the back seat of a car, Dia captures the essence of their familial bond through candid snapshots and heartfelt captions.


Dia Mirza’s candid revelations about her relationship with stepdaughter Samaira Rekhi serve as a reminder of the diverse dynamics within modern families. Despite societal expectations, Dia prioritizes authenticity and affection, fostering a loving connection with Samaira based on mutual respect and understanding. As Dia continues to navigate her roles as an actor, environmentalist, and mother, her commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships shines through, inspiring others to embrace the beauty of blended families.


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