Crew 2 to go on the floors???

The Crew is renewed for a sequel??? Read to know

The film Crew starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and, Kriti Sanon is making its space in the theatres and the box office. The collections are soaring day-by-day and so is the appreciation for the film.

In the recent appearance, The Crew’s team is reportedly reuniting. Kriti Sanon would love to come back with the team with a sequel.

Kriti Sanon shares what she manifests about the film:

She took to state, “The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, and there is genuine enthusiasm among the team to explore the possibility of returning with another engaging project. However, such anticipation naturally elevates the expectations placed upon the writers. The driving force behind considering a sequel lies in the audience’s passionate response; their appreciation serves as a compelling catalyst for future creative endeavors. Consequently, there is a hopeful outlook regarding the prospect of a sequel. It is gratifying to witness such a favorable reception to the content. Moreover, there is a strong advocacy for a cinematic landscape where the gender of the protagonists becomes inconsequential, with emphasis instead placed solely on the merit of the content itself. This vision promotes a shift towards a film industry where box office success is determined by the quality of storytelling, rather than being contingent upon whether a film is perceived as male or female-centric.”, this implying if the audience likes the film the team is likely going to comeback with a sequel.



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