“Crakk”: Makers Trim Climax for OTT Release

Vidyut Jammwal’s action-packed film Crakk faced disappointment at the box office during its theatrical release in February. However, its recent debut on an OTT platform comes with a twist—the makers have significantly altered the climax, chopping off an entire 15-minute segment.

Creative Decision-Making

Director Aditya Datt explains that the team collectively reevaluated the film’s performance and opted for a shorter, sharper version for OTT. The decision to trim the climax was driven by the desire to enhance viewer engagement. While not all films undergo such transformations, the team believed it was necessary to adapt the narrative format for digital audiences.

Streamlining the Story

Co-producer Abbas Sayyed reveals that he always favored a crisper cut. The revised ending now aligns with the completion of the intense fight between Vidyut and Arjun Rampal. The team removed unnecessary sequences, avoiding the “extra masala” that might distract from the core story. The creative call aimed to deliver a more impactful viewing experience.

Rethinking Film Runtimes

Datt emphasizes that there’s no fixed formula for justifying a film’s runtime. While some shorter films resonate, longer epics can also captivate audiences. The intention behind sharpening Crakk stemmed from audience feedback about the film’s pacing. Disappointment fueled introspection, motivating the team to improve their craft.

Unaware Actor

Bijay Anand, who portrayed Mark (the stepfather of the film’s villain, Dev), was unaware of the changes made for the web release. His surprise underscores the significant alterations made to the film’s conclusion. The decision to enhance crispness for OTT viewers remains a bold experiment—one that awaits audience approval.

In conclusion, Crakk’s revised climax exemplifies the dynamic nature of storytelling, adapting to different platforms while keeping viewers engaged. Whether the audience embraces this new ending remains to be seen.


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