Chiru said no to Venky?

Megastar Chiranjeevi had a lot of hopes pinned on Acharya, which, unfortunately for him, turned into a disaster. After that, Chiru is rumored to have become ultra-careful while selecting the scripts. In turn, this is affecting the directors lined up to make movies with him. Chiru has Mohan Raja, Bobby, and Meher Ramesh in the queue for God Father, Walteru Veeraiah, and Bhola Shankar. Because of the mega warnings, all three of them are taking care of their scripts with utmost perfection. In this line-up, God Father will be the first to be released and followed by Walteru Veeraiah and Bhola Shankar. Megastar’s longing for blockbuster so much that he rejects the new scripts if he thinks they are not up to his body language.

It’s being said that the young director Venky Kudumula has faced the brunt of mega’s over-cautious approach as his script was turned down by Chiru. Sources close to the director reveal that the director worked very hard on the script to impress the Megastar. But as he narrated the line to the Star, reportedly, the latter was very disappointed. Mainly because he felt that the story doesn’t suit his body language. Well, there is a style to every Star. If the director successfully gets hold of that style and brings it as an eye feast to the fans, there is no turning back. The best example is Harish Shankar’s Gabbar Singh with Pawan Kalyan. Harish made it right while recognizing the pulse of PSPK fans. Coming back to Chiru, Koratala’s mark is not similar to Chiru, which showed in the result of Acharya. We have to wait and see if Venky can come back with a better line and strike gold in making a movie with Megastar.


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