“Chief Detective 1958” on OTT Breaks MBC Records

MBC’s latest drama, Chief Detective 1958, has shattered records with its debut, marking a significant milestone in the network’s history. Starring Lee Je Hoon, Lee Dong Hwi, Seo Eun Soo, Yoon Hyun Soo, and more, the series has achieved the highest-rated Friday-Saturday drama premiere ever on MBC.

Chief Detective 1958 TRP

The first episode of Chief Detective 1958, which aired on April 19, made waves by earning an impressive nationwide average rating of 10.1 percent. This outstanding performance solidified its position as the top program on Friday across all genres, according to Nielsen Korea.

Despite facing tough competition from The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection, featuring Um Ki Joon, Lee Joon, Lee Yu Bi, and others, airing in the same time slot, it maintained its dominance in viewership. The rival drama saw a boost in ratings with its latest episode, reaching a nationwide average of 3.3 percent.

Chief Detective 1958 serves as a prequel to the beloved Korean series Chief Inspector, which enjoyed immense popularity during its 18-year run from 1971 to 1989, peaking at a remarkable 70 percent ratings. While the original series was set in the 1970s and 1980s, the web drama transports viewers back to the year 1958, delving into the origins of the titular chief detective.


In the series, Lee Je Hoon portrays a young Park Young Han, the central character originally portrayed by Choi Bool Am in the original series. The premiere episode carried added significance as it marked the return of a legend, with Choi Bool Am making a special appearance as an older version of Park Young Han, now aged and seasoned with wisdom.

Director Kim Sung Hoon emphasized the significance of Choi Bool Am’s cameo, likening it to the embodiment of Detective Park Young Han from Chief Inspector. By featuring an aged Park Young Han, the director aimed to engage viewers and draw them into the story, particularly those familiar with the original series, signaling the return of the true chief inspector.

Reflecting on his collaboration with Choi Bool Am, the director praised the actor’s meticulous approach, noting his careful analysis of dialogue and active contribution to various aspects of production, including costumes, props, and set design. Despite the brevity of their interaction, Choi Bool Am’s dedication left a profound impact on the production, elevating the overall quality of Chief Detective 1958.


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