Chay Opens Up About Divorce, Finally!

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s divorce has been one of the most talked about debates among the cine fans ever since the couple were separated. Even though Sam has been opening up here and there about their marriage and the troubles they have gone through, Chay was mostly silent. His team were particular in every interview that no questions regarding his relationship should be asked. But, at last, Chay spoke about his heartbreak, albeit very diplomatic in the virtual interview with Siddarth Kannan. He revealed that it is very frustrating for him to keep on seeing the discussions regarding his personal affair. When Kannan asked about how Chay is handling the situation, this is the actor’s reply in his own words:

“It’s getting irritating and now it’s like I don’t even think about it. I am the kind of guy who wants his professional life to talk more than his personal life. I’m here to act. I want to entertain the audience. To be known as a great actor and a really good human being is what I want to become at the end of the day. Stuff like this(news about his divorce) comes and goes. News replaces news. Whatever comes is all shallow news. Yeah. I keep working harder and harder on my films and my craft. Hopefully, that will do more of the talking eventually” said the Akkineni scion. His latest release Thank You went on to be a below-par movie and he is hoping that the upcoming Lal Singh Chaddha will open up a new door for him and bring him back to the success track.


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