Chanaaz Mangroe Accuses The Dream of Mistreatment & Violence

The Dream, known for producing chart-topping hits for artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna, is facing severe allegations of mistreatment and violence. Chanaaz Mangroe has filed a lawsuit in California, accusing Terius Youngdell Nash, The Dream’s real name, of rape and sexual battery. The lawsuit details claims of mistreatment, aggression, and deceit, which The Dream has immediately refuted.

Serious Allegations Stir Shockwaves

The lawsuit has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry, given The Dream’s reputable position. Following recent high-profile scandals, such as that involving Diddy, allegations against notable figures are now met with heightened scrutiny. Mangroe, who was introduced to The Dream in 2014 at the age of 23, claims she was promised opportunities in the industry, including a song written for her, an opening slot on Beyoncé’s tour, and visa sponsorship.

Promises Turn to Violence

Mangroe alleges that her association with The Dream turned violent. She was invited to join The Dream’s musical partner, Tricky Stewart, in Atlanta, but what followed was far from professional. According to Mangroe, The Dream subjected her to a terrifying ordeal, including stalking, physical violence, and coercion into sexual acts. She claims that The Dream gained complete control over her life after she arrived in the US on a visa from the Netherlands.

Disturbing Details of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit paints a disturbing picture of the alleged abuse. Mangroe claims that The Dream confined her to dark spaces, choked her, and made her drink alcohol against her will. The allegations include rape in various locations, such as a van and a movie theatre. The suit states, “In reality, Dream used Ms. Mangroe for his base desires, which manifested in violent sexual acts and vicious psychological torture.”

The Dream’s Response

In response to the allegations, The Dream has called the claims “untrue and defamatory.” In a statement to The New York Times, he said, “I oppose all forms of harassment and have always strived to help people realize their career goals.” He emphasized his commitment to making a positive impact on fellow artists and expressed deep offense and sadness over the accusations.

Mangroe’s Statement

Mangroe has stated that her silence has become too painful and that sharing her story is essential for her healing process. “I hope that doing so will also help others and prevent future horrific abuse,” she said, according to Variety. The lawsuit aims to bring attention to the severe allegations against The Dream and seeks justice for the alleged mistreatment and violence she endured.


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