Chaitu’s Surprising Comments On Nepotism

Bollywood industry is famous for the ‘nepotism’ tag. The industry has had to face and hear so many things because this tag was given to it. Nepotism is not only in Bollywood but other film industries as well, especially in Tollywood cinema. But surprisingly, no one speaks about this here.

Interestingly, Akkineni Naga Chaitanya recently made some comments on Nepotism that are going viral in social media.

Talking about Nepotism, Chay said, “My grandfather and father being actors, I would certainly have a tendency to incline towards films and acting. I was inspired by them and stepped into the film industry easily. But it is very difficult to survive and I’m still working hard to make a name for myself,”.

Also, giving an example on the same, Chaitanya said that if his film and a self-made hero’s film were released simultaneously and if his film is limited to Rs 10 Crore and the self-made hero’s film does Rs 100 Crore, then obviously producers would approach the self-made hero rather than him.

Naga Chaitanya further added that it is very common in any market that investors are after success and demand.

“And it’s a simple question, if a first-generation actor’s child comes up to him tomorrow and says that he wants to be an actor, are they going to discourage the person, saying ‘no, it’s nepotism’?” asks the Thank You actor.

On the workfront, after making his debut in Bollywood with Laal Singh Chaddha, Naga Chaitanya is now looking forward to many more collaborations in the Hindi film industry.


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