Can Rajkumar Hirani bring back the Bollywood glory??

In recent times Bollywood has seen the plummet of its glory. Except for Kashmir Files, all Hindi films failed at Box-office measurably. And the dominance of south indian films in north india making it difficult for Hindi film makers. 

Raj Kumar Hirani who started his film career as an editor, is now the most wanted director in Bollywood.His first flick Munna Bhai MBBS became the industry hit during late 2003 and early 2004. After this blockbuster he never looked back.  All his directorials scored blockbusters at the box office. Especially his flick with Ameer Khan, PK is the first Indian film to score a gross of 800Cr at the box office. It went on to collect a total of 850 Cr at the box office.

As a consequence, Hirani becomes the most sought after film maker in the northern belt. However, just like Rajamouli, Hirani takes ample time between the movies. His last project which is a biopic of Sanjay Dutt, hit the screens on 29th June 2018. He did not announce any project until recently. 

Raj Kumar Hirani and Shah Rukh Khan are now collaborating for a crazy project titled as “Dunki”. Now all the film fraternity in north india are pinning their hopes on this project. 

Will he bring back the glory bollywood lost due the aggressive south Indian dubs? We will know that next year when Dunki hits the screens.



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