Can 2024 Be Lucky For Tollywood Directors

There are few Tollywood directors who are exceptional with their stories while the other few Tollywood directors are experts in bringing a simple story to a larger life than cinema making the audience get excited about their releases but unfortunately had to face disasters sometimes and now are waiting to prove their talent once again.

“The year 2024 holds immense promise for talented directors who seek redemption after their recent film setbacks. Among them is Koratala Siva, previously known for maintaining a flawless success record. However, his reputation took a hit with the underwhelming performance of ‘Acharya.’

Tollywood Directors Devara

The aftermath of that film left him grappling with personal, professional, and emotional challenges. Now, he returns with ‘Devara,’ featuring NTR, Janhvi Kapoor, and Saif Ali Khan. With over two years invested in its making, expectations are sky-high. Here’s hoping that Koratala delivers a resounding success and stages a remarkable comeback.”

Sujeeth’s OG

“Following the intriguing and successful ‘Run Raja Run,’ Sujeeth stepped into the big league with ‘Saaho.’ As Prabhas’ next film after the monumental ‘Baahubali,’ ‘Saaho’ failed to meet even minimal expectations.

Despite a strong start, it fizzled out and ended up as a flop. Now, Sujeeth collaborates with Pawan Kalyan for ‘OG,’ a gangster action film that also features Emraan Hashmi and Priyanka Mohan. All eyes are on Sujeeth to see if he can redeem himself with this project.”

Shankar’s “Game Changer”

“Shankar, known for his grand vision, last helmed ‘2.0.’ While the film performed well at the box office, its massive budget resulted in financial losses. Reviews were mixed, and it didn’t quite match Shankar’s previous works. Now, he teams up with Ram Charan for ‘Game Changer,’ a film that has been in the making for three years.

Despite delays and postponements, it’s inching toward completion and aims for an October 2024 release. As the post-pandemic era tests directors like Raj Kumar Hirani, Trivikram, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, we await to see if Shankar adapts to changing times and brings a fresh narrative style to ‘Game Changer.’”


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