Bunny Vaas Narrowly Escapes a Big Accident!

Most of the cine celebrities do tend to ask people to do that and this, but rarely do we find them directly at the field helping the needy. Producer Bunny Vaas proved that he is one of those who lend helping hands. As it is known, many places in the Telugu states are suffering from floods for the past few days. The GA2 producer recently toured Palakollu in the West Godavari district to help the needy. While in the village Badava, from his boat, he tried to rescue a pregnant lady who is stuck in the flood water. At the same time, the flood currents grew stronger pushing their boat to a tree. The boat broke in half because of that impact, and all the passengers have fallen into the water.

Luckily for them, the boatman is an experienced person and dragged all of them to higher and dry ground. No one was injured in this accident. Bunny Vaas revealed that everyone was ok and requested the government to save many countless villages that are living in the flood with no power or food or any connectivity to the external world. It’s noteworthy that Vaas is an active member of the Janasena Party. On the movie side, his production Pakka Commercial was recently released and did an average business. Two more movies are being produced on the GA2 banner currently.


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