Break-even for Pakka Commercial in 3 days?

Macho Star Gopi Chand’s Pakka Commercial movie opened to mixed reviews on July 1st. But showed a good opening day collecting around Rs 6.3 Crores. Cine observers estimated that film might see a drastic drop from the second day after the mixed talk. They opined that the first-day collections are due to the efforts of the movie team in promotions. But, contrary to the opinions of the experts, Pakka Commercial has reached break-even. At least that’s what the movie team is saying.

The PC team is publicizing that the total budget of their film is Rs 35 Crores and they already got Rs 32 Crores through Satellite, Hindi remake, and digital rights. Now, with the theatrical run, they have reached the safe zone, says the movie team. But, in fact, the experts reveal that the budget was Rs 40 Crores, and no way the movie might reach breakeven in the first weekend amongst all the mixed talk.

Many movie teams are trying to showcase their film as superhit even when the word of mouth indicates disaster. This has been the routine in recent times. Movie teams are not at all ready to accept the failure and in fact, show bulged-up collections sometimes. Is Pakka Commercial team too following the same suit? asks the cine experts. Directed by Maruthi, the film has Rashi Khanna, Satyaraj, and Rao Ramesh playing key roles. Bunny Vaas bankrolled the project on the GA2 banner.


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