Bigg Boss Divi throws a glam treat

Divi Vadthya is one of the celebrities who shot to fame after making a stint in Bigg Boss TV show. With her appearance and presence on the Bigg Boss show, Divi made sure to catch everyone’s attention. Despite starring in a few films, she gained following only after being seen in the TV show.

Meanwhile, the actress is currently on a vacation and is busy in Italy. She is roaming in the streets of Italy and sharing interesting pictures on social media. Her travel pictures always throw travel goals to the fans.

Divi, in a recent post on Instagram, shared a series of pictures where she flaunted her naval and glam assets in a neck tight tee-shirt and a jeans. She wore goggles that enhanced her glow. She is extremely happy in these pictures. A lot of fans posted positive comments for the pictures, praising her beauty.


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