Big Target in front of Akash Puri

Akash Puri turned down an offer to act in the direction of Puri Jagannath to be on his own. The sensational filmmaker wanted to deliver a solid success to his son but Akash wants to gain an image on his own without being guided by his father. In the process, he signed a film Chor Bazaar but it is not attracting the right buzz yet. The film is releasing on 22nd of June.

Even the actor’s previous film Romantic gained huge buzz with the trailer release, but after the film got released, it just stood as an average flick. So, we have to wait and see, will Chor Bazaar also remain the same or will it create wonders in Akash’s career.

If the film becomes a hit, Akash will surely work with big directors and if he fails, and even if Puri comes on board to direct a film, the film might not catch everyone’s attention.

The film is produced by VS Raju and it is directed by Jeevan Reddy. Let us wait for the final result of the film at the ticket windows.


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