Bandla Ganesh Shifts To Megastar!

Bandla Ganesh is registered more as a devotee of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan rather than an actor or a producer. The way he conveys his fanism to PSPK publicly has been a source of meme material. His old speeches still run in the memes on social media. But for some unknown reasons, the producer cum actor is staying away from the PSPK chants. Many film sources say that the reason behind his separation from Pawan is director Trivikram Srinivas. That’s the reason, they say, Badla didn’t attend the Bheemla Nayak event. As Trivikram is also a close friend of Pawan and there are rumours regarding Pawan following Trivikram’s advice on the project selections, one must say, there could be a hint of truth behind what the film circles are saying. Anyways, as Pawan is out of his scope, Bandla’s focus shifted to Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Chiru’s recent photoshoots in the suit went viral on social media and Bandla responded to those pics on his Twitter account. “We loved you watching at this style. We ran to the cine field to watch this style. we believe that we can achieve anything in the film industry by watching this style. We grew to trust in the industry watching this style. We all became fans of you watching this style. We wish you will forever be in this style. You are an assurance for many. We always like your style which proved that anyone can rule this industry” tweeted Bandla. As his tweets have become the talk of the town, netizens are commenting that the producer’s focus has shifted from power star to megastar.



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