Ayan Shares His Vision Of Brahmastra

Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt Kapoor,
Brahmastra: Part 1 is all set to release on Sep 9th of this year. Touted to be a sci fiction magnum opus, director Ayan Mukerji started promoting the film with a short video on this Vision of the movie.

Ayan took to his Instagram and shared a four-minute-long video in which he disclosed many things related to Astraversa world creation. He captioned the post, “THE VISION OF BRAHMĀSTRA – in ENGLISH” and wrote “While Brahmāstra is a work of fiction, my attempt has been to celebrate Indian spirituality, in my own way, through this movie. On this very auspicious day of Guru Purnima, I wanted to share a little more in depth about the concept of Brahmāstra – a movie through which I personally found myself transforming into a forever-student of the infinite wisdom that exists in our ancient Indian roots… Hope you guys enjoy our imagination”

Going into the video, the director sharing about the film concept said “No one has done what we are doing with ancient Indian inspiration in the modern world ever.”

Revealing the mystery behind the concept, he also said that “In keeping with our spirit of tribute to our roots, he is named after the God who is the most dear to me personally – the most mystical, the all-powerful, and, my greatest inspiration – Shiva.”

Talking about Ranbir Kapoor, “Our protagonist, a young man who is yet to discover that in this world of astras he is a miracle. Because he is an Astra himself – the Agni Astra”, the director added.

The video also covers Ayan talking about building the concept of the Astraverse and how the Brahmastra Part 1 is going to start from a mystical time in ancient India.

With such great words from the director, the excitement on the movie was doubled. Interestingly, this movie also has Amitabh and Akkineni Nagarjuna in pivotal roles.



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