Avatar 2 left KGF2 behind

This year alone, Indian cinema has seen many box office-smashing films Pan India wide. More than one movie that entertains the sensational movie, ‘Avatar 2’, will be released as the final touch for this year. The most awaited movie in Hollywood will be released on a massive scale in India too.

Moreover, this film, which has become very important in the Indian market, has already received a sensational start by breaking many pan-India records. And in India, this year’s biggest blockbuster hit film, ‘KGF2’, has booked record tickets in theatres due to the hype surrounding it.

Over 4 lakh 11 thousand tickets were booked in advance for this film in India. Now Avatar 2 has broken the record of KGF2. More than 4 lakh 40 thousand tickets have been booked for this film in India. With this, Avatar 2 has broken KGF2  records in India.


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