Ashwini Dutt Clarifies On His Comments!

Senior producer Ashwini Dutt’s latest comments have stirred controversy in film circles. As a result, the producer released an explanation regarding his comments. The backstory is that. Dutt has expressed his mistrust over the producers guild and opined that it is unnecessary as there is already the producers council which was formed to look after the concerns of producers. He even shot veiled jibes at Chiranjeevi and other heroes who have gone to the Andhra Pradesh government regarding the tickets issues. As his comments didn’t go well with the film circles, the producer released a statement explaining that he does not have any problems with either guild or council.

”Producers’ decision is my decision. I’m in the cine field as a producer for the past 50 years. I have always been friendly with my fellow producers and I have a brotherly relationship with all of them. I don’t have disrespect towards any producer. Be it council or guild, they are born to look after the well-being of producers and the film industry as a whole. I feel that everyone in the industry should come together and take decisions in unity. Any decision which is taken for the good of the film industry will always be having my support” explained the senior producer.


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