Art Director Changed For RC15?

As RRR has flamed his career all over the world, Mega Powerstar Ram Charan is hoping to continue the fire with his next solo film RC15. Directed by Shankar Shanmugam and produced on a mega-budget by Dil Raju, the film has a lot of hype around it. But, there is a strange rumour floating in the industry circles that the art director of RC15 was changed. If true, this is a shocker of a decision because the movie has already completed some of the major schedules and if the art director is changed, it indicates a very strong reason behind the screens. Dil Raju is a producer who values every rupee and doesn’t splash money for no big cause. Will he risk this move of replacing an art director mid-shoot and reshooting all those sequences?

Some sources say that the sets of art director Ramakrishna will be continued and for the remaining schedules, R Ravinder will be brought on board. Whatever’s happened at the back end, this must be said as a strange decision by Dil Raju, if true. Is the pressure of a heavy budget is showing upon him? It’s noteworthy that RC15 is the biggest budget Dil Raju has bankrolled to date. It’s natural for the producer to be a little tense regarding the output. On the other hand, Shankar is a director who increases the budget exponentially as the movie progresses. In general, he uses computer graphics extensively for his projects but as for RC15, it is being said that he opted for sets. As a result, the art director’s work has become a key cog in the project. There could even be a change of roping in the new art director for a few other sets and working alongside the existing one rather than replacing. Let’s wait and see if Dil Raju will issue clarity on this.


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