America Problems for Film Makers!

For many decades, Indian filmmakers have developed the habit of going to the United States to shoot songs or some sequences. But, it seems like that golden period is done and dusted. According to the latest reports, American rules for tourists were fully tightened after the Covid-19 effect. This applies to movie shootings too. It is becoming increasingly difficult for overseas managers to get the necessary permissions. Even though it is somewhat manageable for simple scenes, gaining permissions for fight sequences and song shootings is almost near to nightmare, they say. As a result, many movie teams are cancelling their shootings that are scheduled to be shot in the US.

It is noteworthy that already NBK107 team has shifted their shooting spot from the US to Turkey. Directed by Gopichand Malineni, this film has three fights in the first half and one of them should be in foreign locations. As there are two Balayyas, the younger Balakrishna will be seen in this fight, said the inside sources. Coming back to the issue, many other movie teams too are following NBK107’s route and changing their destinations. Other than Turkey, there are exotic locations in many places all over Europe. Some filmmakers are said to be continuing the shoots on special sets in Hyderabad itself and later adding foreign locations in CG. This saves the producers’ purse too.


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