Amazon Prime becomes a lifeline to Telugu cinema

Amazon Prime Video is proving to be a lifeline for Telugu box office failures. The OTT giant is very aggressive when it comes to content acquisition and they make it a point to give early OTT releases to the majority of their exclusive signings.

Incidentally, Amazon Prime Video has now become a source of additional income for producers who lost heavily in theatrical releases.
For instance, the makers of Radhe Shyam and Acharya could recover a chunk of the investments by selling out the early OTT rights of their films to Amazon Prime Video. This will help them cover the theatrical losses as Amazon Prime Video is always willing to shell out extra bucks to orchestrate early OTT releases.
In all likelihood, Acharya will be arriving on Amazon Prime Video in under 3 weeks from its theatrical release. The film is a box office dud and it is now on course for an early OTT release.


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