Allu Arjun was Spot on With Pushpa: The Rise!

Pushpa The Rise was a massive hit across India. We all saw it and know it now. But one person trusted the movie even before its release and predicted it would set new records. He was none other than Icon Star Allu Arjun. All the predictions of Bunny in the Sukumar’s movie were spot on and a tad shocking, too, because they were perfectly accurate!

Bunny’s confidence was evident at first in the pre-release press meet of Pushpa. Icon Star has talked about Sukumar not just confidently but also as if he is throwing a challenge to everyone to check his words out after the movie’s release. “Once Pushpa releases, Sukumar will be seeing a craze unparalleled. Even the greatest directors in India will personally call him and say that they want to meet Sukku and ask him how he conceived an idea of this scale and grandeur. They may even take direction classes from Sukku. If this doesn’t become true, I’ll remove my shirt and roam in Mythri Movie Makers Office,” is what Bunny has openly stated regarding Pushpa and its director.

Now, as we see, his words have come to life after all these days. Pushpa was a sensational hit all over India, and this generation’s greatest directors heaped praises on Sukku. The director even got offers from Bollywood superstars which he had to reject because of the busy schedule with Pushpa 2. The latest to join this list is one of the geniuses of Bollywood, Raj Kumar Hirani. The PK director personally messaged Sukumar about how he was head over heels after watching Pushpa Movie. The screenshot of his message to Sukku is viral on social media and Telugu netizens are sharing this widely saying they are proud of Sukumar.

Here is the screenshot of what Hirani wrote to Sukumar.

Coming back to Allu Arjun’s confidence in Pushpa and Sukumar, Bunny is said to have exuded confidence with his close sources that the mannerisms which Puspa Raj does in the movie will be very viral all over India. The Allu scion was very much bang on this point too. From small kids to international cricket stars in the Indian Premier League, everyone was doing the ‘Taggedhe Le’ mannerism. It’s safe to assume that it has almost become a phenomenon. Even on the release day, when there was a divide talk for the movie, Bunny was very confident and said the movie will be a grand success, says his intimate sources. When one is committed to a project, one should trust it just like Bunny trusted Pushpa and Sukumar. isn’t it?


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