Ali’s Daughter Gets Engaged!

Tollywood comedian Ali is one of those hardworking actors who have worked their way to the top from the bottom. Introduced as a child artist long ago in Seethakoka Chilaka, Ali has done hundreds of movies with different characters throughout his career. Right now, he is one of the star comedians and seniors of the Telugu film industry. Although his movies have drastically reduced, he is doing shows on the small screen. Known for his helping nature, Ali is said to have helped countless people albeit secretly. Much of his family life was unknown until recently. His wife Zubeda has started a youtube channel on her own through which Ali’s day-to-day personal affairs are being revealed by her.

Ali and Zubeda have two daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter Fatima completed her medicine recently and now she is engaged. As per Zubeda’s youtube channel, Fatima is engaged with another doctor named Sheik Shayaz. It is interesting that all the members of the groom’s family are doctors as well. Senior comedian Brahmanandam, Actor Sai Kumar attended the event. The engagement was celebrated in a grand and Islamic style. Ali has introduced his son and second daughter to the audience as well in this video. The pics of the engagement are going viral on social media accounts and everyone is wishing the young couple a happy life ahead.


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