Adipurush trollers aren’t done yet – here’s how they compared Chandrayaan 3 and Adipurush

Adipurush compared with Chandrayaan 3

Adipurush sank deeper than Titanic the ship – a ‘great’ way to create history. Exactly when you thought the memes and trolls had come to a halt, they emerged from the waters again, pushing Adipurush further down the pit of downright embarrassment. As Chandrayaan 3 landed on the moon today, amid the celebrations, netizens are creating a tongue-in-cheek ambience by comparing the disastrous movie with the satellite that made India swell with pride.

Ramayana’s ‘innovative’ adaptation – Adipurush had a budget of 600 crores but instantly became a laughable object at the hands of the audience. Chandrayaan 3, on the flip side, took a total expenditure of 615 crores and made India the first country to land on the South Pole of the moon. Netizens didn’t leave the chance to say that the Adipurush crew should’ve instead given the 600 crores to the ISRO scientists. One put it as, “To put otherwise , amount spent for junk adipurush could’ve completed a moon mission.”

Chandrayaan 3 was launched into space on July 14th, 2023 and it made a successful soft landing on the moon yesterday on August 23rd, 2023 – a month and 8 days altogether. It made India the 4th country to make soft landing whereas the first to land on the dark, untouched side of the moon. This is an utterly proud moment for all Indians and every team member whose effort went behind making Chandrayaan 3 happen.

Adipurush, back in June 2023, collapsed from the cliff after the first day in theatres. While the posters and graphics pre-release were kept so catchy and breathtaking, the movie was the exact opposite. Reportedly, the team of 300 VFX artists was hired for the editing and yet, it looked unprofessional. Not just that, Om Raut was also held accountable for altering the original interpretation of Ramayana by changing the head placement of Raavan, showing Sita in  chokehold on the battlefield and other scenes that deeply hurt the religious sentiments of the audience. Because of Adipurush, CBFC has upped its screening and approval cut-off.

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