Adipurush is upset with Project-k..?

Rebel Star Prabhas carried his legacy over the years on top of the Indian Cinema level. Now, he is eyeing to make his mark on a global level. Currently, he holds a few movies which released in the next 2 years with a small gap. One of them is Adipurush, a content on mythological drama

Adipurush director Om Raut has expressed his disappointment over the makers of Project-k, as the attention towards the latter’s updates is stealing the limelight from his upcoming film. Adipurush is scheduled to release on June 16, 2023, and Raut has requested Project-k makers to hold off on any further updates until then.

The director is reportedly upset that Project is receiving more hype and attention, despite being unrelated to his film. He believes that the constant updates are taking away from the anticipation and excitement for Adipurush. Raut hopes that the makers of Project-k will understand his concerns and support his film’s release.

The clash between the two films has caused a stir among fans, with many expressing their opinions on social media. However, Raut remains hopeful that his film will be successful and hopes that both projects can coexist without any conflicts.

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