Adah Sharma Diagnosed with Endometriosis from Role

Adah Sharma, who has enjoyed a prolific year with multiple releases, recently opened up about the toll her physical transformations for these roles have taken on her health. The actor revealed that she developed endometriosis due to the stress and physical demands of gaining weight for her latest film, Bastar.

Physical Transformations for Diverse Roles

Adah Sharma’s roles in The Kerala Story, Commando, Sunflower, and Bastar required her to undergo significant physical transformations. “For The Kerala Story, I had to be petite and lean to look like a college girl. For Commando, I had to be muscular. In Sunflower, I played a bar dancer and had to look voluptuous and sexy. For Bastar, I needed to be broad and large to look like someone in charge,” Sharma explained.

Gaining Weight and Health Challenges

To achieve the desired look for Bastar, Sharma followed a rigorous diet and exercise regimen. “I ate around 10 to 12 bananas a day to gain weight while staying fit. The role involved a lot of action, carrying real guns weighing eight kilos, and running up and down rocky terrains. Nuts, dry fruits, and flax seed laddoos were part of my daily intake,” she recounted.

However, the intense physical demands led to severe health issues. “Picking up heavy guns took a toll on my body. My pelvis shifted, causing severe back problems. I’ve been a gymnast all my life, but my back was in a very bad state. The stress from the film led to endometriosis, causing periods non-stop for 48 days,” Sharma shared.

Rapid Physical Changes and Recovery

After completing Bastar, Sharma had to quickly shed the weight for her next role as a bar dancer. “I had to get svelte and sexy immediately. My mother, who is also my trainer, helped me with a mix of yoga, dance, and mallakhamba. I followed a strictly vegan diet and avoided jumpy cardio due to my back issues,” said the 32-year-old actor.

The Importance of Mind Control

Despite the physical challenges, Sharma emphasized the importance of mind control. “When you’re stressed, your body shuts down; no nutrients get absorbed, your skin doesn’t shine, you lose hair. Sleep is crucial, and keeping your phone away helps. When your mind is in a good place, there’s nothing you can’t do,” she expressed, adding that these experiences are ultimately gratifying for an artist.

Sharma’s dedication to her craft is unwavering. “As an actor, I always feel I should go the extra 1000 miles for any character. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to play and be someone else on screen. What’s the fun if you look exactly like your real self in every film? I love what I do and look forward to roles where I can change my body and mold my mind, voice, and personality into someone else,” she concluded.


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