Actor Mihir Ahuja Embraces Opportunities with Star Kids

Actor Mihir Ahuja, known for his role as Jughead Jones in Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies, finds joy in the diversity of roles and skills he gets to explore in his acting career. From playing drums to learning guitar, Ahuja cherishes the opportunity to immerse himself in different characters and talents with each project.

Exploring Musical Passions

Ahuja’s interest in music dates back to his childhood, with a passion for beatboxing laying the foundation for his musical journey. His role as a drummer in The Archies allowed him to hone his drumming skills through workshops, further fueling his love for music. Now, Ahuja is venturing into guitar playing for an upcoming project, embracing the challenge of becoming a lead vocalist and guitarist.

Navigating Success and Recognition

While Ahuja has worked on various projects before, it was his role in The Archies that catapulted him into the limelight. He attributes the show’s success to factors like its platform, creator, and engaging storyline. Despite sharing the screen with star kids like Suhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor, Ahuja believes in the ensemble nature of the cast, emphasizing that no character was sidelined in the narrative.

Ahuja remains open to collaborating with star kids in future projects, emphasizing that talent and acting prowess are paramount. He dismisses any concerns about attention or screen time, focusing instead on the quality of the role and the project’s overall impact. For Ahuja, working with talented individuals, regardless of their background, is a rewarding experience.

Beyond Bollywood, Ahuja is exploring opportunities on the international stage, breaking language and accent barriers to pursue his passion for acting. His recent venture into an Australian film, Hindi Vindi, showcases his commitment to diverse storytelling and cross-cultural experiences. With plans for a potential release in India, Ahuja’s career trajectory reflects his ambition to reach global audiences.


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