Aamir’s Chaddha Fails Big Time at BO!

Bollywood seems to be neck-deep in trouble. The harder the industry tries to get out, the faster it is slipping into the quicksand. It’s not that the Hindi film industry people are not trying. It’s just that the Hindi belt audience is not ready to watch the regular stars of Bollywood anymore or at least for the time being. It’s time for the big stars and heads of B-Town to take a break, go back to the drawing board or roots, sit together and sort out the problem and then make a come back in such a way that the audience can’t reject a film. The range of Hindi belts’ frustration with Bollywood has clearly shown the impact on Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chaddha, which is released yesterday (Aug 11th). Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan was released silently alongside LSC on the same day, which too has seen the same fate as Chaddha. For now, the main focus is on Aamir’s film as the actor has promoted the movie all over the country yet, failed to get the audience to theatres.

Being the star Aamir is and considering the quality of films he does, it’s quite surprising and in fact, should be an eye opener for the B-Town people as the film fell flat on its face on the first day itself. People deciding not to watch the film once the first-day reviews are out is another thing. But, there is no footfall at many theatres for the morning show on the first day itself. Trade sources say that many theatre owners were forced to take off the film on the second day considering the response the movie got. The reviews too are bashing the movie left and right as the second half, especially, has become a heavyweight for the audience’s heads. There are a lot of reasons behind the poor returns of Aamir’s movies. One being the haunting of his role in PK. As Hindu Gods were specifically targeted by Raj Kumar Hirani in PK, many Hindu associations have led the campaign to boycott Lal Singh Chaddha. These calls would have been void if the movie is at least a one-time watchable yet the makers are themselves to blame to attempt an evergreen classic Forrest Gump and fail. For now, LSC stands as the worst opening day among Aamir’s all recent films.


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