7 roles of Nani that has every girl’s dream boy qualities

Natural Star Nani is one of the promising actors of Tollywood. Nani is most popularly known as the Natural Star of South Indian Cinema. Nani started his career as a RJ and then an assistant director. After working on a few films, Nani entered acting and his first film got him a great recognition and he never looked back. This actor has delivered many wonderful films with love stories, social messages and also many other issues. This actor is also a producer, televison host and played many roles to get to where he is now.

Here are 6 best roles of Nani that has every quality of a dream boy

1. Ala Modalaindi
This film is one of those films released in his initial stages of career. In this film, nani’s role Gautham is a dream boy kind of role. To fall in love, It’s important to be friends with your partner. Just like Gautham has been with nitya through all her phases, from getting over past relationship to current misunderstandings. This is what a girl needs, Communication, Understanding.

2. Eega
The film that made him a star actor, Eega is also one of the best. though his screen presence is very less in this film, The film is all about the love of nani and the way he tries to protect indu, his love from problems and assures her a safe life. The one who loves her but never bothered her, always there for her in most possible ways.

3. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy
This film is a bit complex, yet nani made it very simple. A man with a disorder will be healed by a girl’s love. It’s the attention and value that every girl expects.

4. Ninnu Kori
This film is full of lessons, keeping the love story of uma and pallavi aside, Its the understanding that he has and not bothering her at all. He totally understand her situation and her thought process and helped her to take right decision even if it hurts him. This kind of supportive partner is what every girl wish for.

5. Shyam Singha Roy
This film set in backdrop of 1969 and another part of story in 2019 with a great message. The way he stands up for his love and setting her free from the problems she was in and loving her so much that he fought with every one to make her feel loved. and when destiny separated them, he took another birth to meet her for one proper goodbye before parting ways to the destiny. What a love!

6. Ante Sundaraniki:
The film that shows how hard is it for love to survive all the caste, religious barriers in the judgemental society. the way they learn from their mistakes, experiences and always standing by eachother. This role is one of the best of his career.

7. Hi Nanna:
This film is totally a master piece in Nani’s career. The love that made him marry her and also distancing himself and his daughter from her just for her happiness and well being. This kind of love, losing her for her well being, who can love this way!

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